Learning Resources

Learning Resources

The Peterloo Learning Resources are a FREE package of History and Citizenship learning resources aimed at Key Stages 2 – 3.

This package of resources is mapped to the National Curriculum and flexible enough to be delivered as part of mainstream subjects and by non-subject specialists. Influence is drawn from the themes for Peterloo 2019, which are Protest, Democracy and Freedom of Speech, through which parallels between historic and contemporary issues can be drawn.

This Learning Resources explore both the history and legacy of the Peterloo Massacre, 200 years on as both a major event in Manchester’s history and a defining moment for Britain’s democracy.

One of the key aims of these resources is to give young people the opportunity to connect with, explore and understand the legacy of the Peterloo Massacre and its significance to them and their lives today. The ambition is to foster in young people a greater understanding and connectivity to politics, and their role as active citizens.

These resources have been co-designed with The Politics Project in collaboration with schools, teachers and young people from across Greater Manchester, in particular Failinge Park High School, Rochdale and St Thomas Werneth Primary, Oldham and working class youth campaign organisation RECLAIM, in the spirit of those who gathered at St Peter’s Field.

This Learning Resources for young people have been created by Manchester Histories and People’s History Museum.

The programme is supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, Historic England and UK Parliament Education.

Read the Teacher Guidance Notes here.

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Teacher Guidance Notes

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