Peterloo 2019 Project Team

Peterloo 2019 Project Team

Karen Shannon

Chief Executive, Manchester Histories

Karen has managed the vision, funding, marketing and all of the partnership work that has led to the creation of Peterloo 2019. She has also overseen the public and cultural meetings that have taken place to enable all parties to contribute to the way in which the Peterloo 2019 programme is marked.

Janine Hague

Project Manager, Manchester Histories

Janine is managing all of the project activity that will take place under the Peterloo 2019 project, thanks to its National Lottery Heritage Funding. To do so she is working with community groups and cultural organisations across Greater Manchester and beyond including Royal Northern College of Music, the Guardian and Falinge Park High School.

Charlie Booth

Community Manager, Manchester Histories

Charlie is managing the community engagement programme for Peterloo 2019, which includes the recruitment and ongoing learning and development programme for 30 Peterloo Ambassadors who will help us to create and deliver amazing events for the 200th anniversary of Peterloo. Charlie is also co-ordinating the programme of events for Peterloo 2019, taking place from June – August 2019.

Laura Stevens

Digital Content Manager, Manchester Histories

Laura is managing the digital content for Peterloo 2019, including the brand new Peterloo website, digital marketing, PR and campaigns. Laura is working with cultural partners across the UK to illuminate the story of Peterloo for today’s audiences.

Laura Sullivan

PR Consultant, Fido PR

Laura is the media communications consultant for Peterloo 2019. She is working to raise the profile of Peterloo 2019 amongst local, regional and national audiences and to highlight the diverse programme that is commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre

Jenny Mabbott

Head of Collections & Engagement, People's History Museum

Jenny has led the development of the People’s History Museum’s 2019 programme exploring the past, present and future of protest, including its headline exhibition ‘Disrupt? Peterloo and Protest’. Jenny has managed the museum’s involvement in the Peterloo 2019 project and is a member of the central steering group.

Michael Powell

Learning Co-ordinator, Peterloo 2019 & Programme Officer at People’s History Museum

Michael has been responsible for developing the Peterloo 2019 learning programme and resources that will be delivered in partnership with People’s History Museum. Michael has also co-ordinated the museum’s 2019 programme exploring the past, present and future of protest, including its headline exhibition Disrupt? Peterloo and Protest.

David Caunce

Graphic Designer, Peterloo 2019

David Caunce is a designer and owner of Imagine, a graphic design studio in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. With public consultation, David is responsible for the design of the Peterloo logo featured on the website and all printed materials.

Dr Robert Poole

Historian, Peterloo 2019

Historian, lecturer and author Robert Poole has been an advisor to Peterloo 2019 and the partners and communities involved. Having written extensively on the subject, 2019 will see the publication of his new book Peterloo: the English Uprising. Robert is currently Professor of History at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston.

Dr Shirin Hirsch

Researcher, People's History Museum and Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Shirin is a historian in residence at People’s History Museum. She specialises in the history of modern Britain with a particular focus on the labour movement. Shirin is currently undertaking research on Peterloo and the global context of the early 1800s democracy movement in Manchester.

Frank Fenten

Digital Director, Dinosaur

As Digital Director at Manchester’s Digital agency, Dinosaur, Frank has managed the design and production of the Peterloo website, alongside Manchester Histories.

Neil Millington

3D Designer & Illustrator, Peterloo 2019

Neil Millington runs his own 3D visualization company Oceancad Ltd, working as a 3D Graphic Designer, developing 3D animations. He has worked closely with Historian Robert Poole to visualise the Peterloo story through 3D graphics, allowing users to explore the story of what happened on the day and key hotspots.

Omid Kashan

Developer, Peterloo 2019

Omid Kashan is a designer and developer who has brought to life the story of Peterloo and its wider history through a series of interactive timelines on the Peterloo website.

Andrew Flannery

Developer, Peterloo 2019

Andrew is a lead developer on the brand new Peterloo website and has worked closely with Manchester Histories to create a resource which tells the story of Peterloo for today’s audience.

John Leatherbarrow


John looks after all of the administration for the Manchester Histories team, and is on the front line for all project enquiries.

Enormous thanks to our partners and funders