Radical Read – Creative Programme

Radical Read – Creative Programme


Radical Read is a young person-centred 15-theme information and learning pack for schools and community groups that used the watershed event of the Peterloo Massacre for inspiration.  Find out more here.

Using the Peterloo 2019 key themes of Protest, Democracy and Freedom of Speech, the Radical Read youth voice project was also creatively explored through a programme of six young people’s projects involving around 80 young people from around Greater Manchester. The sessions included creative writing, performance, poetry, printmaking and many other art forms, culminating in an extra ordinary take over of Manchester Art Gallery on Wednesday 3rd July 2019.

The Radical Read Writing Competition saw over 32 entries from young people across Greater Manchester. The 12 runners up and one winner’s stories are published in a beautifully illustrated Anthology.  You can read the Anthology here

Radical Read used creativity to encourage young people to read more by examining historic and current texts, accounts and stories from protests involving young people.  They found inspiration from research visits, such as the People’s History Museum Disrupt? exhibition and worked with poets from Young Identity .  Artists Sally Gilford, Yussuf Mrabty and a group of young people created four banners which are on permanent display at Manchester College and they also produced a unique soundscape which you can listen to here.

Manchester Youth Council were inspired by commissioned artists to explore Climate Change through creative sessions including writing, puppet-making, Zine and animation workshops amongst a variety of artforms.  Other performance workshops involved Royal Exchange Young Company and  Contact Creative Experts .

This ambitious creative programme also involved groups of young people working with artists and practitioners including Hebe Phillips, Louise Wallwein, Hotbed Press, Spearfish, Thomas Byrne and Imagine CGA.

See the wonderful images of this fabulous portfolio of creativity showcased at the spectacular Celebration Event during the Get Together and Get Things Done exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery.

Enormous thanks to our partners and funders