Peterloo Descendants

Peterloo Descendants

Peterloo 2019 is connecting the stories of people from all walks of life who were present at the Peterloo Massacre with the stories and lives of their modern day relatives. 60,000 people assembled in Manchester on 16 August 1819 seeking rights and equality; confronted by local government forces, the day would end with the death of 18 and the injury of around 700.

200 years later the potential number of descendants is vast, as is the geographical area they could live in and the variety of stories that link to this watershed moment in British history. Could you be a Peterloo Descendant? Get in touch with and share your story!


Trace Your Peterloo People

Sat 13 Jul

Manchester Central Library

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Peterloo Descendant Story

Read Justin Doyle's compelling Peterloo Story

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Dr Robert Poole

Historian, Peterloo 2019

Historian, lecturer and author Robert Poole has been an advisor to Peterloo 2019.

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Michala Hulme

Professional Genealogist, Peterloo 2019

Professional genealogist and social historian, Michala is based at Manchester Metropolitan University.

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