Artist: Al & Al

Archive: Wigan Borough

Project: Newspaper reports; Peterloo biographies; local research around wider 19th century political and social reform movements, particularly the role of women; role of physical places in Leigh where demonstrations took place.

We have been working closely with Wigan Council and the archives team to explore the heritage of Wigan borough during the creation of a new cultural Manifesto. 

As pioneers of computer generated film we have exhibited internationally in over 50 countries. Following a body of work on scientific discovery, inspired by our own childhood growing up in the cradle of the industrial revolution, our recent work is focusing on hyperlocal human stories, the struggle for liberation from the constrictions of class and the heritage of the regions entanglement with technology. 

We have been working extensively with Wigan Archives to explore the borough’s heritage and shine a new light on the iconic people and stories which have shaped the explosive ground beneath Wiganer’s feet. 

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Enormous thanks to our partners and funders