Meet the Peterloo Ambassadors

Meet the Peterloo Ambassadors

We want to thank every single one of the Peterloo Ambassadors for their dedication, positivity and hard work throughout this momentous commemoration. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Adam Kilkenny                        Carolyn (Gina) James               Laurence Connell
Adele Taylor                             Charlotte Derbyshire              Maria Allen
Andy Mercer                            Charlotte Peters Rock             Mark Simmons
Alan Godson                            Christina Wallman                   Mary McGuigan
Alexander Davidson               Claire Robinson                        Mick McHugh
Alice Hebdon                           Helen Eden                                Mike Broomhead
Alix Stiles                                  Helen Drummond                    Rachael Gilbert
Anna Mayall                             Jo Neri                                        Sheila Gaughan
Anne Cooper                            John Carpenter                        Tracy Drysdale
Bernard McGrath                    John Sanders                            Simon Hughes

Peterloo 2019 Launch Night

We would like to introduce you to just a few of the wonderful people who make up the Peterloo Ambassadors…

Adam Kilkenny

Having always had a keen interest in a variety of historical events, as a Mancunian, Adam’s keen for the Peterloo story to not just be a regular part of public and political conversation, but for it to enter the school curriculum in the U.K.

Anna Mayall

Anna is a genealogist with a particular interest in the industrial history of the North West and the Royton radical William Fitton. She has joined the ambassador programme in order to take an active part in celebrating Lancashire’s varied and captivating heritage. As an illustrator, she has also contributed to an animation created for the Peterloo1819 schools project.

Anne Cooper

Anne volunteers at the Parsonage Gardens and The Old Parsonage at Didsbury where I also am a Trustee.  Having a history degree, this Manchester Histories Project is a perfect opportunity to use her interests to inform people about the social and political significance of the Peterloo massacre.

Charlotte Peters Rock

Charlotte is a writer and folk performer, writing history, particularly of the North of England. Her event, written this year, “The Peaceful Weavers of Peterloo”, will be at Manchester Central Library, on 25 July. She joined Manchester Histories Peterloo Ambassador Programme, to find out more. We must remember our working class history.

Christina Willner

Christina wanted to become an ambassador because she has an interest in local and political history and thinks it’s important that people are aware of what happened at Peterloo and it’s relevance today.  She is looking forward to taking part in some of the many commemorative events on this significant anniversary.

Dr Claire Robinson

Claire is a cultural and social historian with a research focus on Manchester and North West England. She is passionate about community engagement and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to know about Peterloo and Manchester’s place in the long story of the journey to universal suffrage.

Joanne Neri

Joanne is an Anglo American new resident of the northwest having worked in museums in San Francisco, Cambridge and North Wales for 25years. Joanne volunteered with the Friends of Angel Meadow, researched/catalogued part of the Renold Chains Archives at Manchester Central Library before embarking on the Peterloo challenge of workers rights and social injustice.

Laurence Connell

Laurence is an academic who teaches politics and history at Manchester Metropolitan University, specialising in contemporary American political history. He is volunteering as a Peterloo Ambassador as a way of meeting people who share his interest in Manchester’s radical past.

Maria Allen

Maria is an Educational Special Needs Facilitator and Foster Carer. She became involved with the Peterloo Ambassador Volunteers because of her love of local history, and to be part of the events in the bicentenary year. More than anything I wanted to increase awareness of this pivotal moment in our history and highlight the struggle for freedom and parliamentary representation.

Mick McHugh

Mick first read about the Peterloo Massacre at least 45 years ago and it is probably the only history book that I have read multiple times. He is honoured to help commemorate the bicentenary of this defining moment of British history.

Rachael Gilbert

Rachael is an avid Manchester Histories Festival volunteer, with Peterloo2019 being her third festival. Her love of history and heritage ignites her passion to get involved and celebrate hidden histories. Rachael first learnt about Peterloo while at university and is keen to encourage more to do the same.

Simon Hughes

Simon Hughes does not remember when he first became aware of the Peterloo Massacre, but he does know that, for many years, he remained ignorant of the details. As he learned more about it he was struck by how few people had even heard of it. Simon says “ I like to think that, in some small way, I will be helping people to learn about and realise what a seminal moment Peterloo was in the development of our democracy, and how precious our right to vote, protest, and take an active part in politics really is.”

Enormous thanks to our partners and funders